We all dream of having a perfect lawn with a lush, healthy turf. Yet transforming that vision into reality is not an easy task. It requires careful planning, knowledge, time, and resources.

However, if you are determined to create the picture-perfect lawn of your dreams, everything slowly falls into place. Once you have your desired landscape, taking care of and maintaining your yard requires regular or weekly tasks. You can attend to these yourself or take some help from lawn care professionals to free up your weekends.

These four lawn care tips shared by the experts at Pro Green are all you need to get your perfect lawn and keep it in great shape.

Here are Pro Green’s 4 Steps To A Perfect Lawn

1. Get Your Soil Tested

Soil is the foundation of your lawn, and you need to get it tested to determine its quality, moisture content, PH level (6.5 is ideal), and nutrients.

Perfect Lawn - Soil Testing

Based on the test result, you can optimize the soil quality for a lush, vibrant green lawn. Getting your soil tested will also help you calculate the fertilizer needed to maintain steady and healthy grass growth.

Most professionals recommend getting your ground tested once a year to keep tabs on its quality and nutrient levels.

2. Pick the Perfect Grass Type

Apart from ensuring soil quality, the choice of grass is another essential factor to consider for a perfect lawn.

While several grass varieties are available on the market, you need to seed your lawn with a type that suits your soil and climate and is drought-tolerant.

In fact, with increasingly dry summers all year round, it’s best to get water conservation grasses to ensure your lawn stays healthy and green even in stressful times.

3. Ensure Regular Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining a perfect lawn involves far more than regular mowing and watering. You need to carry out additional maintenance tasks such as weed control, lawn aeration, dethatching, fertilization, hydroseeding, etc.

Weeds and grubs can overtake your yard if they stay undetected for long. While periodic lawn dethatching and aeration are essential to maintain soil quality and healthy growth.

You can earmark these tasks on your calendar and attend to them yourself or hire a professional lawn care service that will see to these tasks at regular intervals.

4. Work With Professionals

As you can see, creating and sustaining the perfect lawn involves specialized knowledge and a lot of work.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you consult or work with professionals during the early stages of creating your perfect yard.

You will need experienced professionals to help with testing soil quality, determining the amount of fertilizer required and hydroseeding, etc. You need expert advice here as overtreatment with fertilizers, weed-control agents, or pesticides can become expensive mistakes.

If you do decide to proceed with professional lawn care services, the best option is to go for a package deal that includes the following:

Services Required to Maintain a Perfect Lawn

1. Weed and Grub Removal

It’s essential to know the proper nutrients and the right time to apply them for a healthy lawn free of weeds.

Additionally, it’s critical to know when to apply grub control. For instance, it’s best to put down grub-killers or preventers from April to Mid-July. During this time, most of your yard grubs are ready to hatch.

Alternatively, you need to spray grub preventers all over your perfect lawn when you notice signs of damage, i.e., a yellowing lawn.

2. Lawn Mowing

Everyone loves a healthy turf, but no one likes an overgrown lawn.

While letting your lawn grow out can make it harder for you to mow it later, over-mowing your yard can create stress on your grass, curbing its growth.

Perfect Lawn

To ensure healthy grass growth, you need to cut the grass at the right time and length. This will help keep your lawn keep its luxuriant green appearance.

3. Dethatching

Thatch refers to the buildup of organic matter between the soil and the grass. A certain level of thatch, i.e., ½ inch, is good for your lawn as it promotes growth. However, once the thatch builds up to a height of 1 inch or more, it may stifle your soil and inhibit grass growth.

Pro Green uses a heavy-duty power rake attached to a mover with a vacuum. This device is driven across your turf to suck up and remove the thatch in multiple directions. This clears up the yard, allowing your grass and lawn to thrive.

4. Sprinkler Services and Installation

You can’t have a perfect lawn without proper irrigation. If you are looking for someone to help you upgrade or install an irrigation system, Pro Green has a full-service irrigation department.

Our irrigation experts combine over 25 years of experience in residential, commercial, and municipal sprinkler systems planning and maintenance.

The full range of irrigation services offered by us includes:

5. Lawn Aeration

Another critical step in maintaining the perfect lawn is lawn aeration which allows your soil to breathe and take in nutrients.

This service involves punching small holes in your soil’s surface to reduce compaction and allow air to permeate the soil. These holes also serve as a route for fertilizer and water to reach the root zone and nourish the earth for a lush turf.

6. Reseeding Thinner Areas

Sometimes, your lawn can develop a few thin or yellowing patches despite your best efforts. These can develop due to poor soil quality, grub attacks, or moisture deprivation in some areas.

The solution is simple. You need to re-sod or reseed these thinner areas for a perfect lawn with uniform, rich growth.

However, this is not all. There’s still a list of lawn care and landscaping services that you may need depending on your lawn’s current state and your aspirations.

Contact the professionals at Pro Green to learn more about what goes into creating and maintaining a pristine, green lawn.

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