Lawn Mowing

Weekly Mowing

How your lawn has been mowed is the first impression people see when approaching your property. Having skilled and experienced mower operators and the best equipment is the key to creating that first impression. ProGreen operators understand the importance of presentation. Recognizing and adapting to changing turf and weather conditions is the responsibility of the mowing crew. Alternating mowing patterns and adjusting cutting heights are decisions operators make to maintain that good first impression. Having the best and properly maintained equipment is crucial in producing a beautifully mowed lawn. All our mowers go through a weekly maintenance check list that includes installing freshly sharpened blades. With very few exceptions i.e., vacations, your lawn will be mowed by the same crew all summer.  ProGreen services include weekly mowing, trimming and blowing debris from hard surfaces. Barring weather related interruptions your property will be mowed the same day each week during our mowing season. Mowing typically begins the first week of May and continues thru the end of October. Mowing may be skipped occasionally due to unusually dry or wet conditions