Lawn Services

Your lawn deserves the top lawn care in Minnesota, and you will find it at ProGreen Lawn Service. Our residential lawn care professionals are dedicated to making your lawn look its absolute best. Our professionalism, customer service, quality of work and dependability are unmatched. At ProGreen Lawn Service we strive for complete customer satisfaction.



How your lawn has been mowed is the first impression people see when approaching your property. Having skilled and experienced mower operators and the best equipment is the key to creating that first impression. ProGreen operators understand the importance of presentation. Recognizing and adapting to changing turf and weather conditions is the responsibility of the mowing crew. Alternating mowing patterns and adjusting cutting heights are decisions operators make to maintain that good first impression. Having the best and properly maintained equipment is crucial in producing a beautifully mowed lawn. All our mowers go through a weekly maintenance check list that includes installing freshly sharpened blades. With very few exceptions i.e., vacations, your lawn will be mowed by the same crew all summer.  ProGreen services include weekly mowing, trimming and blowing debris from hard surfaces. Barring weather related interruptions your property will be mowed the same day each week during our mowing season. Mowing typically begins the first week of May and continues thru the end of October. Mowing may be skipped occasionally due to unusually dry or wet conditions. 


Presenting a beautiful lawn takes a lot of planning and time. Knowing the proper nutrients and when to apply them is important to maintaining a healthy weed free lawn. ProGreen has a comprehensive turf and weed control plan that applies the appropriate products at the proper time to ensure maximum effectiveness. Taking into consideration current weather conditions such as wind speed and direction and surface temperature. 


Raking and bagging leaves over and over again is what your normal fall weekend looks like? Let our crews take care of that for you! Our cleanup crews blow out all of your landscaping, turf areas, and haul all of the leaves away while you can get back to enjoying your fall weekends! Fall clean-up is the more important of the two clean up options because it gives your turf and landscape the best environment to begin to thrive in the early spring. Your yard is free from leaves and debris that can smother your turf and shrubs. Spring clean-up cannot be performed until the turf is dry enough to handle the equipment needed to pick up large quantities of wet compacted left-over leaves.

ProGreen’s fall clean-up plan includes removing leaves and debris from all landscape areas, shrubs, turf and window wells. The plan consists of two visits beginning after the mowing season ends. The second visit is done as late as possible and is dependent on the weather. Although not guaranteed it is ProGreen’s absolute goal to complete the second visit. No partial refunds or carry over to a spring visit are part of the fall clean-up plan.

Spring clean-up is also an option to prepare your property for the summer season. It includes the same services as fall clean-up and is performed when it has been determined the turf can handle the equipment used to perform the service. Prices for a spring clean-up are based on whether a thorough fall clean-up was performed. Estimates for a spring clean-up are provided after the snow melts and an on-site visit is done


Lawn aerating, also commonly referred to as “core aerating”, involves using an aerating machine to perforate the turf with small holes. These holes allow air, water and nutrients to reach the root systems of your turf. The three most important elements needed to produce a lush and healthy lawn. The process of aerating will leave soil plugs all over the surface of your yard. Although a bit unsightly at the time it is not necessary to rake or remove the plugs. They will quickly dissolve. Heavily compacted soil prevents circulation of air, water and nutrients. By making core aerating part of your yearly lawn maintenance routine, you will provide your lawn access to these essential elements to help it grow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Following aerating is a perfect time to OVERSEED your yard. Contact ProGreen to discuss if overseeding could help improve the thickness of your turf.


Dethatching is the chosen method used to rid your lawn of excess thatch that builds up over time. Whereas aerating is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn and should be done yearly, dethatching is a step used to solve a problem and should be done as needed. Thatch prevents air, water and nutrients from reaching the soil and roots of your turf. Dethatching should be considered when the layer of thatch is thicker than 1/2”.  The process of dethatching involves the use of a heavily tined rake attached to a mower with a vacuum. The mower is driven over your yard in several directions allowing the rake to stir up and bring to the surface the old layer of thatch. On the final pass the vacuum is engaged, and the thatch is collected and removed. A ProGreen staff member can meet with you to determine if a dethatching would be beneficial to your yard this season.