Spring/Fall Cleanup

Raking and bagging leaves repeatedly is what your normal fall weekends look like? Let our crews take care of that for you! Our cleanup crews blow out all your landscaping and turf areas and haul the leaves away while you can get back to enjoying your fall weekends! Fall clean-up is the more important of the two clean up options because it gives your turf and landscape the best environment to begin to thrive in the early spring. Your yard is free from leaves and debris that can smother your turf and shrubs. Spring clean-up cannot be performed until the turf is dry enough to handle the equipment needed to pick up large quantities of wet compacted left-over leaves.


ProGreen’s fall clean-up plan includes removing leaves and debris from all landscape areas, shrubs, turf and window wells. The plan consists of two visits beginning after the mowing season ends. The second visit is done as late as possible and is dependent on the weather. Although not guaranteed it is ProGreen’s absolute goal to complete the second visit. No partial refunds or carry over to a spring visit are part of the fall clean-up plan.


Spring clean-up is also an option to prepare your property for the summer season. It includes the same services as fall clean-up and is performed when it has been determined the turf can handle the equipment used to perform the service. Prices for a spring clean-up are based on whether a thorough fall clean-up was performed. Estimates for a spring clean-up are provided after the snow melts and an on-site visit is done