A reputation for exceptional service, reliable and professional employees, and ownership accountability is what separates ProGreen Lawn Service from the countless number of come and go lawn services. We are dedicated to our customers. A local team who maintain every property like it’s their own.
You can request an estimate through our website or call the office to get services started.
You can pay with a credit card through our customer portal or send a check!
A normal season is 26 weeks. Depending on the weather, some season are a few more weeks and some might be shorter
We do offer every other week mowing by request only. The price may not be the same as weekly mowing so make sure to ask us about this option.
Our normal plan is 5 applications spread throughout the summer. The plan consists of three granular fertilizer applications and two liquid broadleaf weed control applications.
For our summer services you can sign up at anytime of the season. Our winter services do have deadlines and our snow removal routes do fill up, so make sure to plan ahead!
Mowing, spring and fall clean up, fertilizer and weed control, landscaping, irrigation start up, irrigation fall shut down, irrigation repairs, irrigation installation, snow plowing, residential driveway snowblowing. Pretty much anything related to your lawn and snow removal needs!