Cold and snowy winters evoke the thought of sledding, making snowmen, and having hot chocolate by the fire. But in reality, when the flakes fall in, you may wonder how much snow removal costs. You may have to leave the comfort and warmth of your house and spend hours removing snow to clear your driveway, which can be a pain.

No matter how beautiful the snow may look on your driveway, you’ll need to remove it if you wish to take out your vehicle. After all, just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you can’t get to where you want to be.

However, removing snow on your own can be backbreaking work, but a professional snow removal company can save you from all that hassle and trouble. The cost for these snow removal services varies based on your location, the driveway’s size, and the frequency of removal service. 

This blog will help you learn how much snow removal costs for your sidewalks and driveways. 

Average Snow Removal Costs

Snow removal cost differs from service to service. The prices generally depend on the quantity and time it takes to remove the snow.

Professionals usually charge between $30 and $180 for the job. If you have a small walkway and a driveway for a single car, you can expect your costs to be low.

But if you live in an area with heavy snowfall or own a large property with a parking lot. In that case, the longer it takes to remove the snow, the more you are expected to pay, nearly as much as $400. The same goes for the services for removing snow from your roof or deck.

Calculating Factors for Snow Removal Cost

Calculating Factors for Snow Removal Cost

Before googling “snow removal service near me,” you, as homeowners, should know about the multiple factors that impact snow removal costs.

Snow removal firms use different snow removal costing formulas to calculate their rates.

The snow removal cost also varies from company to company. But, the typical snow removal rates are:

Could you make sure you check the fine print? There usually are limits on the total number of visits during the winter season.

Geographic location plays a vital role in snow removal costs. Living in an area with heavy snow totals will result in higher removal prices than in areas with minimal snowfall.

For example, The average price for 7 inches or fewer is between $50 and $100 to 10 inches can cost around $120 per hour. Similarly, 11 to 19 inches run at approximately $150 per hour, and 20 inches or more can cost about $180 per hour. 

The larger the property, the more snow removal costs. Snow removal companies calculate the overall cost based on hourly rates. Therefore, the company will charge you for the types of equipment used, the amount of snow one person can remove, and overhead costs. 

Additional Factors Affecting Snow Removal Cost

Additional Factors Affecting Snow Removal Cost

Every snowfall is different, and so is the cost of removing it. In addition to the amount of snow in your driveway, these factors affect the total cost of snow removal.

The company you hire has two primary snow removal methods for you to choose from- snow blowing and snow plowing:

It is the fastest-growing residential driveway snow removal method but is less efficient than snowplows. It costs around $30 to $85 per hour per worker.

Snow plowing is not recommended for narrow driveways or small spaces and is better suited for large areas.

The average cost to plow a driveway about 50-60 feet long and two cars wide are approximately between $20 and $60—the price increases if some additional parking spaces, sidewalks, and walkways.

The cost of salting varies depending on the driveway size or the area you need to clear. It usually ranges between $20 and $55.

Salt is often used to melt snow and ice. If your walkways are slippery, applying salt will help dissolve the ice and prevent further ice formation. It also helps clear the path people and cars pass through on walkways and driveways.

Snow Removal Cost: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Doing it yourself is the most cost-effective option, minus the price of a snow blower, plow, or shovel. Removing snow on your own is labor-intensive and increases the risk of injury.  

It’s best suggested to hire a professional. Skilled experts of snow removal companies can save you time and effort in clearing snow in cold weather conditions. They have the appropriate sidewalk snow removal equipment, plows to clear a driveway, and instruments to remove a roof. 

Where to Get the Most Cost-Efficient Snow Removal Services?

There is no precise formula for calculating snow removal costs. The price may vary from factor to factor and company to company. 

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