What is the one thing every homeowner wishes to have? A beautiful lawn. But that takes a lot of effort and hard work. 

Proper mowing is one of the most important components of lawn maintenance, and mulching is an increasingly popular technique that can help keep your lawn lush and green.

Mulching lawn mowers are intended to slice grass clippings into fine pieces and uniformly distribute them on your lawn, giving it a lush and healthy appearance. It can supply natural nutrients to your lawn, making it more resistant to drought and pests. 

Mulching is a simple and effective way to care for your grass using the appropriate techniques and equipment.

Keep on reading to learn all about the benefits of mulching with a lawn mower, the step-by-step instructions on mulching with your mower, and how you can choose the finest mulching lawn mower for your needs. 

Prepare to take your lawn care to the next level with the help of mulching. Let’s get mowing!

What is A Mulching Lawn Mower?

A mulching lawn mower is a machine in which the blade and mowing deck are designed to chop the grass numerous times before returning the chopped grass to the lawn. Mowers with side discharge capabilities move the cut grass to the side, while mowers with bag attachments collect the clippings directly into a bag.

Only the mulching mower leaves you with finely chopped grass cuttings that give fertilizer and shade to the soil. This type of mowing is also referred to as “mulch mowing.”

How Does a Mulching Lawn Mower Work?

How Does a Mulching Lawn Mower Work

Mulching mowers are quite similar to other types of mowers in most ways. In order for the mower blade to effectively cut the grass, all types of lawnmowers (including push and ride-on mowers) require a lift to keep the grass in a vertical position.

Mulching mowers generate a jet of air that propels the grass onto the mower blades, but the clippings hit the blade many times before falling back into the lawn. Of course, this is by design. Mulching blades have curved edges that create a much better cutting action with increased intensity and have a larger surface area dedicated to cutting.

Mulching blades are commonly referred to as “all-purpose” or “3-in-1” blades, as they have the ability to perform three functions:

How to Use a Mulching Lawn Mower

Following simple lawn care instructions is critical to ensure success when using your mulching lawn mower. Here are a few simple tips that you can follow to make sure you get the best use out of your mulching mower. 

Operating a mulching lawn mower is the same as using any other type of lawn mower. Our lawn care recommendations can definitely get you the most excellent results. 

How to Choose the Best Mulching Lawn Mower

How to Choose the Best Mulching Lawn Mower


Choose a mulching mower that can easily switch between mulching, bagging, and side-discharge modes. This versatility helps handle thick, rapidly growing grass and preventing clogs.

Engine Type & Horsepower

Opt for a mulching mower with at least five horsepower, preferably six. Look for models with automotive-design overhead-valve engines, that offer power, efficiency, and quieter operation.

Electric/Cordless Models

Consider electric corded or cordless mowers, some of which have mulching capabilities. Look for features like onboard charging and sufficient power for your lawn size.

Mulching Technology

Look for mowers that effectively chop up grass clippings for proper mulching. Check if the mower deck and blade design stir up and cut the clippings multiple times. Some models may include baffles or fans for enhanced performance.

Build Integrity

Choose a mulching mower with a sturdy build. Look for features like power-paint finishes, robust wheel adjuster assemblies, easily replaceable drive belts, and durable components. Avoid excessive use of plastic parts.


Mulching is an effective technique for lawn maintenance that can help keep your lawn healthy and green. With the help of a mulching lawn mower, grass clippings can be finely chopped and distributed evenly on the lawn, providing natural nutrients and keeping your grass pest resistant.

By following the recommendations from this blog and utilizing the appropriate equipment and techniques, you can achieve a beautiful lawn that requires less time and work while benefiting the environment by minimizing waste and the need for fertilizers. However, lawn maintenance isn’t a DIY task. To guarantee the best look for your lawn, Contact ProGreen Lawn Services. From hydroseeding to snow removal to lawn fertilization, at ProGreen Lawn Services, you can have it all!