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It does not make sense to spend your valuable time and money taking care of your lawn or mowing your grass yourself. Instead, you should hire a lawn care service company. It will save you money, free up your time,  and makes your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

So, read on to know more about lawn care services and where to find the best one.

What factors to look for when searching for the best lawn care service companies in Minnesota

Important factors to take into account before hiring a lawn care company:


Some companies may not be available to provide services in all states. You should confirm their locations online.


Is your service provider trustworthy and reliable? There are always negative comments and reviews about almost every company, but you should take the negative and weigh it positively.

Offers and packages

It’s necessary to summarize the packages a company offers or provides.

What to expect from lawn care companies in Minnesota?

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There are many basic services that a lawn care service company should provide. So before hiring a company, know does that lawn care company offer the following essential lawn services or not:

Lawn fertilization

The key to building a dense green turf is nitrogen. Different types of grass require different levels to flourish. Using nitrogen-rich fertilizer is a basic service that lawn care companies must provide. But nitrogen isn’t the only necessary nutrient; several other factors like grass type, climate, foot traffic, season, and more also contribute to the soil composition.

Fertilizing is not only tricky, but it can also be very overwhelming to choose a fertilizer on your own. A professional lawn care company like Pro Green Lawn Service does that for you.

Lawn aeration

Your grass needs to breathe, too, just like any living thing. Over time, your yard may develop compacted soil or thick thatches under the surface of your lawn which can make it difficult for necessary nutrients to penetrate the soil. So If your lawn suffers from these problems, aeration is the solution.

Pre-emergent and targeted weed control

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Weeds are a common nuisance for almost all lawns, Irrespective of where you live. Weeds make it difficult to diminish the appearance of your lawn and contain and steal valuable nutrients from your grassroots. Because of its numerous species, it is difficult to completely remove weeds from your lawn without completely knowing how to treat each strain. Although mowing your lawn reduces weeds, it does not prevent them from competing with the grass for water, minerals, and air.

Experts at Pro Green Lawn Service ensure to offer this service and know how to handle this issue.

Fall Clean-Up

To be precise, fall clean-up is way more than leaf removal. Fall clean-up prepares your property for a strong and healthy spring. By understanding what to expect from a landscape professional, prepare for fall clean-up.

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean-up service of Pro Green Lawn Service involves various aspects such as:

These aren’t all of the services that we offer. Our landscaping experts & team of lawn care can take care of everything it takes to get your lawn looking its best. So, to get your property looking at its seasonal best, you can discuss scheduling an appointment with our spring clean-up professionals.

We have experienced, timely professionals. We show up to your property in marked vans and uniforms, always with a smiling face. You may not have the spare time to spend cleaning and organizing your lawn after the winters, but we at Pro Green Lawn Service can take care of it for you.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing seems simple and easy, but each time the grass is cut, it paves the path for your lawn’s success or failure. If the mowing is done correctly, the grooming of the turf will always be healthy, thick enough to crowd out weeds, and drought-tolerant. But if the mowing is done incorrectly, then your lawn will struggle to survive. Weekly mowing is important. It’s best when the grass is always removed more than one-third of the total leaf surface with each cutting.

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Pro Green Lawn Service is one of the top lawn care companies because of its outstanding services. Pro Green Lawn Service is the most accessible lawn service company in the US, and hence we justify our work and keep our clients happy. We have a widespread reputation along with the local expertise to help with your lawn care needs.

In addition, when it comes to your yard, we guarantee you a healthy lawn that can help you give peace of mind. We have certified specialists who will visit your property throughout the year to treat your lawn. Not only this, we even provide you extra tips on maintaining the health of your grass in-between visits or long term.

With years of experience in the industry, Pro Green Lawn Service has developed new, cutting-edge formulas and tools for lawn care and maintenance. Our lawn care experts have experience in treating soil, grass, landscapes of all types, and many more. Other lawn care service providers may also offer similar services. Still, our innovative products, the network of skilled specialists, and readily available resources separate Pro Green Lawn Service from other competitors.

Pro Green Lawn Service is no doubt a leading company in the lawn care industry in Minnesota. So, to get our services now, reach us at  8847 Highway 101 W,  Savage, MN 55378, or contact us at (952) 994-1041 or email us at